Lynn’s Diary 8/5/17

Dear Diary,

I’ve been withholding my emotions till now–and I’ve just learned that withholding has two h’s. Seems unnecessary. Well, Brynne has been gone since Tuesdeh, and my meals have been few and far-between. That’s actually not true–my eating has increased in her absence, but the meals I’ve made have been what you might consider compiled of “scrounging” and “sloppiness.”

Let’s begin.

In a sort of ends-of-a-cirlce-coming-together (a circle has no ends), the night that Brynne left, I stirred up a broccoli/carrot/tofu fry with some soy sauce. How does this resemble a circle, diary? Flip yourself back to the first night Mabel and I stayed here together at this house. What did I have for dinner? That’s right: A broccoli/carrot/tofu stir fry with some soy sauce.

Here she is. Mostly tofu, not enough rice. 

Wednesday was a blur of broken stares down broken staircases, but at least I had one thing to look forward to–that night’s meal. A classic, taken from the books of mine own shared food blog–Stuffed Peppers. Or rather, stuffed pepper–I’ll say to emphasize the fact that I was alone. I took what I could remember from the recipe we previously used (actually, if you’ll recall, Brynne did most of the work on that one, so I was at a disadvantage) and poured it in–No roommate, No recipe.

Loose Cannon Cook 

Unfortunately, while I remembered the quinoa, black beans, corn, cheese, and tomatoes, I forgot a key element to this delicious din–the SPICES, God DAMNIT!! Upon bite #1 I thought, Well this is too hot. But upon bite #2, I was like Oh NO this doesn’t taste like much!!! Failure, she is alone.

It looked damn good though

Suffice it to say, I did not learn my lesson (AND NEVER WILL) as evidenced by the meal I am currently attempting to make, which was taken from fleeting memories of things my dad sometimes did in the kitchen. You’ll see how that one turns out in a few posts.

For now, though, I’m afraid to admit that no more recipes did come from my hands during this hiatus. On Thursday, I was whisked away by my boss and her friends (an adult family, actually) for some tacos by maria. I got a burrito, and it was the best taco I ever had. And–I struggled with whether to confess this–yesterday, I wrapped up some of the ample filling from my stuffed pepper creation, put it into a tortilla, and smothered it with salsa. Bon appetite.

Thanks for listening, Diary.

Love, Your Lynn


2 thoughts on “Lynn’s Diary 8/5/17”

  1. Just want to quickly point out this lapse that left me and I’m sure other readers perplexed – “I got a burrito, and it was the best taco I ever had.” So which one was it? Regardless, I appreciate your vulnerability, Lynn. I hope you find comfort in solitude.


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