Every Day Is A Flaming Shine

So picture this: you get back from traversing a waterfall and burying a corpse, and you’ve worked up quite an appetite. Yeah, you shared slivers of apple dipped in peanut butter and chunks of the walnut date bread that Lynn wouldn’t stop talking about, but hey! That was more than a 0.8 mile loop! You did some jumping! You need something to satiate the void your husband left!

You make Brown Butter Brussel Sprouts Pasta with Hazelnuts

She looks so Young and Hip! The sign behind her says “DONT MESS UP OUR KITCHEN” 

We had a brief debate over whether to make this recipe with or without the pasta–we’ve been on a pasta heavy diet this week–and decided that to make the best of our leftover situation, we would use some spaghetti from our VEG spaghetti and meatballs situation as our /noodle of choice/ #galswhouseleftovers.

Three ladies get to work: Lynn browns the butter, Ellie roasts the hazelnuts, and Brynne chops the brussels sprouts and garlic. When the hazelnuts became FRAGRANT (i.e. Brynne said “It smells like hazelnuts!”), Ellie took them aside in a towel to begin shelling them (“Their skins are not coming off!!”).




Ellie sheds her non-cook skin

While Ellie cranked away, so did Brynne and Lynn. We olive-oiled up the hazelnut pan and made it into a brussels sprout & garlic pan. We then realized for the nth time this summer that we had not learned from our past mistakes (check the archive), and our pan was too small to accommodate our large number of sprouts AND all that spag(hetti). So Brynne wok’d it up and we tossed together all of our ingredients to tenderness, smothered the whole thing in the brown butter (or what was left of it… the recipe says to skim the foam off, but it all looked like foam! ah!) then served it up.

Honestly she was much happier than she looks.

Truly this meal was one for the books. As Brynne noted “I think it’s the brown butter” that made it so, so delicious (Brynne Says Things, 4). The combo of tender, cooked sprouts and crisp, skinned hazelnuts was unbelievable–and the spaghetti was there to give your hand something to do while your taste buds exploded. Would recommend making this recipe. Would recommend listening to Sheryl Crow’s “Every Day Is A Winding Road” while making it. Would recommend exchanging these lyrics for the ones in our title.

With luv,

Brynne & Lynn (and Ellynn)


an Old D but a Good D

That’s right, folks. Just like Lizzie McGuire in The Lizzie McGuire movie, we are Outfit* Repeaters!

*By Outfit, we mean recipe. But also outfits.

But, hey, like animated Lizzie McGuire says in The Lizzie McGuire movie:


So stop remembering our meals! Forget everything you’ve read on this blog so far! And be prepared to fall in love again with our unique, wacky voice and writing style.

This week, for the first time ever, we made an improvised pasta dish (from the combined brains of Brynne, Lynn, and their boss Julia).Here’s the scenario: a potluck dinner. The issue: everyone wanted to bring a dessert. The solution: Lynn begrudgingly sweats over a stove instead of going to barre class (for this, she was eventually thankful) making a main dish. The results: A Full Meal For All including a garden salad (meaning our boss made it from things in our garden), zucchini cakes & dip (made by a coworker who knows her way around her garden veggies–her garden, not ours), pasta with Fun Things (explanation to follow) also from our garden), and a fine dessert of lace cookies & ice cream. What a night. Let’s get to that pasta!

Spriggin’ delicious

So if you’re looking at these noodles with an “I don’t think they know how to make pasta” look on your face, please bear with us. The pasta we used was gluten free and Lynn was not used to that kind of stickiness! Regardless, it was tasty and available to the intolerant-of-wheat!

For our SAUCE, we heated up a can of diced (& seasoned) tomatoes, a can of chickpeas, some of the tomato-sauce-turned-paste from our Coconut Vegetable “Curry” #galswhouseleftovers, spinach (thanks Mabel), and–get ready for it–some herbs from the garden! Which ones? Let us throw them at you!z596e55023713f.gifz596e5511893ee.gifz596e552ab3c19.gif

Damn! That is the kind of herb I’m talking about! We kind of just rawdogged (copyright Ellie & Friends) the proportions on this one, added some salt and pepper, and topped it off with some fresh & raw basil and a sprig of parsley.

It was a hit.

Next week’s potluck will also involve a last-minute scrambling of ingredients, though this one might prove to be more difficult due to the abundance of pickles and lack of base foods. Wow! See you then!

Brynne messes up the chickpeas :/

This is the meal where we get creative and free style some pasta toppings. You would think this would go well; it’s pasta, how can it go wrong? Well, if you’re living with Brynne and she tells you to get the dried chickpeas and “we can just soak them for when we need them!” but then leaves them in too long in the water but somehow the chickpeas are still dry, you might start to rethink a few things. (Brynne’s note: I wrote this intro paragraph. I feel very disappointed in myself for how these chickpeas turned out.)

But like any good drama, this story turns out alright in the end. Out of the ashes of some too-crunchy chickpeas comes the opportunity for another meal. We’ll give you the scoop.

Scoop? More like the many-pronged piece of dish ware that you use to scoop out olive oiled pasta. Hang on, getting you a visual:

This hero right here!

This dish was a smattering of ingredients that we had on-hand, a technique which we can attribute to friend of the blog Mabel, who would probably attribute it to future friend of the blog, her step-mom. We threw a potta water on the stove, popped in some whole wheat penne [Lynn’s note: when I was young, I was a really picky eater and at restaurants I would just order buttered pasta, but to make it sound more sophisticated, I would say “Can I please have penne with butter sauce?], and while that was cooking, we divided and conquered. Lynn spent a long time looking for canned tomatoes while Brynne chopped up some green beans.

Is it an equal trade of work if one of you keeps pausing to take photos? Also, get a load of Brynne’s “I am the Godfather” look! 

When Lynn finally found the tomatoes (we had to go with some already-seasoned ones, which wasn’t ideal), we threw them in a frying pan along with the aforementioned (really, really, strongly aforementioned) chickpeas. After these buds sizzled for a while, Brynne threw the green beans on top and everyone was cooking together. We do recommend putting a lid on the top of the frying pan to give the green beans a chance to steam!

Next up, Bowl That Sweet Stuff! Penne first (hold the butter sauce), top it with the tomato/chickpea/bean combo (the beans are hard to fit into a bowl), and get ready to top it off with some greens.


But greens aren’t ENOUGH? What’s a girl gotta do to get some sharp flavors in her dish?? Oh, you knew the answer before I even asked the question. Get into your fridge, move a lot of leftover stuff that you should be eating instead of making this new meal out of the way (and out of your mind), and find the small pack of mozzarella that is waiting to be sprinkled atop your dish. Lo and behold…

Needs more cheese tbh. Still good though.

[Lynn’s sign-off: Just want to add that, as I write this on the night of July 1st, I am being intermittently distracted by fireworks. Hey. What’s the deal with that? We are three nights away from firework time. Why are you blowing your load right now? What r ur thoughts on the 4th? Yay/Nay? & if you’re a white person u can’t be like “yay” w/ out giving some reasonable explanation <3]